Helpdesks that simply tick boxes can really tick you off.

How sticking with your IT department can leave you stuck with revenue losses.

How much revenue would you lose if you lost Internet access for just half a day? Could you afford to lose the ability to communicate online with your customers for that long? What about if you were denied access to your systems and the efficiencies that they deliver to your business or organisation?

Now imagine finding out that all of this was happening because you simply weren’t a priority to your IT department providers. Stings, doesn’t it? A lot of business owners that we speak to stick with their IT department or help desk arrangements because they’re just there and it seems more trouble than it’s worth to make the switch. Many businesses don’t seem to care if there IT providers or helpdesk arrangements don’t particularly care about them – that is until:

  • Downtime starts kill eating your business
  • Their online business environment and or systems begin to fail them
  • The competition is catching up and snapping at their heels or even leaving them in the dust
  • Your people, the lifeblood of your business, start displaying dissatisfaction with how things are working or not working within your business.

Strangely, even with all these causes for dissatisfaction eroding businesses and revenues, decision makers still decide to stick with the providers that are serving them. Or not serving them. It’s baffling, just baffling, especially seeing as there are alternatives.

Switching IT systems, providers and consultants is not as hard as you think.

Making a switch to a better, more in-tune service provider can seem daunting. After all, change is hard and we all know it. But what we find time and time again, regardless of industry or business sector, is that improving your service providers and your partners improves the business overall.

Making the switch to a dedicated IT partnership, improved productivity and a level of responsiveness you can actually rely on, is a three-part process.

  1. We invest the time and effort it takes to understand your business and the online environment that would best help you work the way you want to and need to
  2. Out team sets about designing platforms, workflows and systems geared towards delivering efficiencies and even increasing capabilities – both now and into the future
  3. We can then partner with you to ensure that you’re never left in the lurch and that you have access to the help you need, when you need it

Once you’ve made that all important decision to switch your IT partnership over to someone that truly prioritises and cares about your business, you will wonder why you haven’t done it earlier. Any misgivings you might have had around temporary work arounds or time invested in exploring what your tailored online environment might be capable of, will be quickly forgotten when you’re able to focus on building a better future for your business.

Trust us while your people, your clients and your customers still trust you

Trust is a tricky one, and this is where you’d expect us to say, hey, trust our business with your business. But when we refer to trust, we’re actually referring to how much your customers or client base can trust you and your business with their data, their needs and their service requirements. All it takes is one instance where you are unable to respond appropriately to your clients’ needs, or one breach where their data is compromised and the trust they have in you may be destroyed forever. That means that not only will you have lost revenue, but you may have lost your standing in the marketplace as well. That’s bad for your brand, bad for business, bad for you.

Knowing this, at the very least you would want to partner with someone that cares at least as much about your reputation as they do their very own. If you’re not absolutely certain that this is the case, then you can’t be certain of their dedication and care factor for your business.

Again, we get that change can be hard. But if you are convinced that your business’s revenue is based on trust and efficiency and systems that actually work for the business, then it shouldn’t take much to convince you that you need to trust that the stability of your online environment is a priority to your IT team.

If you’re not sure, you’re risking your revenue due to the threat of downtime – plain and simple. If you’d like to have confidential, no obligation discussion about what a difference working your way with increased stability and efficiency can make, make the right call. Call us at Ace Info Tech.