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Networking Solutions

Ace InfoTech takes away the worry of building and maintaining your network infrastructure on your own. We work closely with you to understand how technology can best serve your business goals. We then assess, design and implement a network that is secure and specific to your requirements.

Our highly qualified and experienced engineers manage your network and the network devices from routers and firewalls to LAN switches.

Why Choose Ace InfoTech:

At Ace InfoTech we offer 3 essential services to help your business grow:

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Our IT Security Services

IT Mobility

Ace InfoTech’s mobility solutions allow your staff to stay connected and feel part of the team in any place, on any device and at any time. Mobile devices, both phones and tablets, are becoming more common in the workplace as the primary workstation and that creates flexibility and increases productivity but also poses potential security risks for the business.

To create a secure environment our skilled team work with you to assess your business needs and develop a strategy to control and manage devices that connect to your network.

Ace InfoTech mobility solutions:

  • Secured access to your business data on mobile devices
  • Policy development for BYOD, allowing your staff to use their own devices without fear of compromising confidentiality
  • Customisable device access control
  • Systems that monitor mobile devices and usage

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