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6 ways Ace InfoTech improves business workflows and digital environments

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“If only…” is a phrase that often follows an opportunity-lost. However, “if” by itself can open up a world of opportunity – for you… or your business.

If it’s IT hardware, software, SaaS (commercial/transactional/informational/navigational), IaaS, communications, data management and storage, security, repairs, maintenance, or an all-in-one combo, Ace InfoTech has the expertise, the experience and the passion to make it work for you.

Browse our service categories, and if you don’t see what you need, call us anyway. We’re bound to be able to help.

Network Services

Consider how important your network is to your business’s organisation. If your needs have outgrown it in terms of complexity, capacity or it was simply the wrong choice from the start, we need to talk.

We build, improve, manage, expand, migrate, protect, maintain and repair networks for a living. We can assess your existing networks, upgrade and streamline them, and provide the design, hardware, software and installation expertise you need. There are three main areas in which we excel (although they are by no means the limit to the ways we can help you):

IT Security

Ransomware, hacking, phishing, malware, remote access schemes – the creativity of cybercriminals seems to know no bounds. And the only way to beat them is to stay one step ahead. That means implementing the most robust, far-reaching and reliable IT security possible.

The kind the security experts at Ace InfoTech specialise in. Book a chat with us because we can:

Cloud Solutions

“Everything’s in the cloud these days.” How often have we all heard that? And it’s true.

Utilising “the Cloud” to house your software, apps and data makes access easier for your whole team, dramatically reduces your hardware purchase, maintenance and upgrade costs, and streamlines your operation.

It also makes retrieving “lost” data easier and less stressful in the event of network loss or disaster. And it gives you access to all kinds of cloud-based services like IaaS and Saas.

The hard part is choosing the right Cloud solution for your business. One that combines unassailable security with scope for growth, versatility, and of course simplicity. If your Cloud solution also enhances your ability to collaborate and share, so much the better.

And that’s our specialty. The aces at Ace IT will fly your data and software into the clouds, while keeping our feet firmly planted on the ground. Let’s talk about solutions for your business that are:

And let’s do it today.

Telephony and Conferencing

It doesn’t matter where your team members are – on the road, working from home, in your office or at an event, you need to be able to communicate, share ideas, data, administrative documents, conduct transactions, and more. Instantly and securely.

Our communications specialists have the skills, the technology and the supplier connections to build you a smart, secure and highly efficient collaboration network with your staff and clients. From VOIP telephony to sophisticated conferencing solutions, we’ll ensure you can communicate and transact effectively in real time, all the time. Which means it’s time to give us a call to discover how we can make it all happen for you and your business.

The kind the security experts at Ace InfoTech specialise in. Book a chat with us because we can:

IT Support and Services

We’re not the kind of IT experts that set you up and walk away. Our aim is to partner you in keeping your IT working harder and more consistently for you. That’s why we offer expert service and support via our help desk, and fast, responsive service when you need:

We can monitor your entire system 24/7/365, dealing with issues before they become dramas, and provide the regular maintenance that will keep it performing at optimum levels and fully secure.

Talk to us about how getting an Ace on your side protects your data, your communications and business capacity, and makes your business work smarter.

Microsoft 365

We thoroughly recommend Microsoft 365 as a broadly efficient and effective tool for a multitude of tasks in your office. From document creation and storage to record keeping, ideas sharing, communications, finance and more, Microsoft 365 is a clever addition to any business.

You just need to be sure it’s doing its best work for you.

We go one step further than our competitors to ensure your workflows are as efficient as possible. We’ll help you turn Microsoft 365 into a living, breathing business environment that fits your business like a tailor-made suit. One that operates as an extension of your team’s thoughts, and genuinely improves your business.

Talk to us about how you can get the best out of Microsoft 365 – saving money, time and stress balls – by making IT work for your business.